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Human Trafficking Hotline

Human Trafficking Hotline

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Hotline to report information about human trafficking situations.


The hotline is the gateway to having the FBI investigate suspicious behavior that may be trafficking-related.

FBI human trafficking investigations are conducted by agents within the human trafficking program and members of the federal human trafficking task forces. The primary goal of investigators is the recovery of victims in order to remove them from an environment of violence and exploitation. Program representatives work in unison with victim advocates and NGOs, who are able to provide victims of human trafficking with the short-term resources (shelter, food, clothing) and long-term resources (counseling, education assistance, job training) they require during the road to recovery. After recovering a victim of human trafficking, field offices are then able to conduct logical, efficient, and effective investigations which lead to the eventual arrest and successful prosecution of their traffickers, as well as the potential recovery of additional victims and identification of other traffickers.

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How to Apply

If you believe you are the victim of a trafficking situation or may have information about a potential trafficking situation, call 888-373-7888 to report information. You can also provide a tip on the National Human Trafficking Contact Form.